About Religious School

Our Purpose

Our purpose for youth education is to inspire our children, teens, and their families to develop a compelling, lifelong commitment to Judaism so that they will be able to make informed Jewish choices and live up to the highest ideals of our tradition. We encourage students to question and challenge their beliefs, inspire them to uncover their own unique gifts, and explore who they want to be in the world through the lens of Torah.

One of the most important goals of our program is not only to empower Jewish learners, but to create community among our students and families. In our program, families experience the joys and challenges of life alongside one another, and we strive to ensure that students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and included, celebrated and cherished.

Our program begins in kindergarten and runs through 12th grade, and we also have a monthly family program on Sundays for three and four-year olds and their parents