Local Initiatives

Dig Deeper to Fight Hunger Food Drive
In response to unprecedented job loss and hunger, LBT launched Dig Deeper to Fight Hunger to collect canned and dry goods and distribute through the Westside
YMCA. To date we have donated thousands of pounds of dry goods and helped to feed between 200-300 families each week. LBT donations (dropped off on
Wednesdays in grey bins by the guard booth) are transported by LBT volunteers on Thursday mornings to the Collins-Katz YMCA where they are combined
with with fresh produce provided by Food Forward, and assembled by a team of volunteers from LBT, the YMCA and Westside Friends. Some of our volunteers
have received or made donations of baked goods.

National Initiatives

As a sanctuary congregation, LBT is deeply committed to changing the national conversation on immigration. We work within interfaith and Jewish coalitions to stand up for the dignity of all human beings. For more information about how to get involved, please contact
Engaging Voters
Whether during an election year or not, Leo Baeckers continue to (virtually) meet regularly to strategize, engage with elected officials, and to advocate for legislation and initiatives.

Israel and World Initiatives

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