We have an exciting calendar of events planned throughout the year 5784 – which will give all
members of our community opportunities to connect with each other and with the Temple in
celebration of our 75th Anniversary. Together, we will share the richness of our past, the sense of
community that exists today, and celebrate the collective light of a bright future to come.

Celebrate with us!

Share Your Family Photo with Us

In celebration of our 75th Anniversary, we want to capture the many faces of our incredible community as it stands today.
Therefore, we invite you to upload a photo of yourself or your family to add to this digital collection of the unique individuals that make us Leo Baeck Temple.

Looking Back to 75 Years Ago

In 1948, a small group of families in Los Angeles dreamed about founding a temple that would become a part of the sweeping movement to establish Reform Judaism in Southern California.  It was a dream of a religious home, the simplicity and sincerity of which would reflect our faith.

With the leadership and guidance of Rabbi Alfred Wolf, Temple Beth Aaron was formed.  Soon after, members of this young congregation heard a legendary rabbi speak.  
This rabbi had survived the Holocaust and risked his life as one of the most important leaders of German Jewry in its struggle to survive under Nazism.  He was a model of the human capacity to rise above the most degrading experiences.

This rabbi’s name was Leo Baeck.  So moved were they by his inspiration – our founders chose to rename the young congregation Leo Baeck Temple.