High Holydays
2023 | 5784

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Leo Baeck Temple is a warm and inviting congregation – welcoming members from diverse backgrounds.  Our congregants make deep and long-lasting friendships among each other, learning and celebrating joyous occasions together, and supporting each other in times of need. 

High Holydays 2023 | 5784

We look forward to sharing in the upcoming High Holydays with you. Click below to request tickets.

Celebrate with Us
Leo Baeck Temple's 75th Anniversary

Upcoming Events

Weekly Shabbat Services Live

When the busy week comes to an end, join our special summer services—Shabbat Under the Stars at 7:30pm—and experience the gift of restoration, gratitude, and soulful self-exploration. Then,  on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at 9:30am our Shabbat Morning Minyan gathers  our clergy and members of the temple community to create an informal, musical, spiritual and intellectually stimulating Shabbat service.  

Youth & Families

From Tot Shabbat and holiday celebrations with our youngest learners, to Religious School for elementary through high school students, to opportunities for youth to informally gather to socialize and participate in tikkun olam activities in the community, Leo Baeck Temple has so much to offer our youth and their families.


Within our larger LBT community are smaller affinity groups that offer programming and special events specifically for the adults in our "mini" communities. These groups include: LBT Women, LBT Men, and Community of Engagement, each of which has unique opportunities to connect in more intimate settings. 

is not merely an act of giving;
it is a commitment of faith

Although many people believe that the Hebrew word tzedakah means charity, the word’s roots convey much more – a combination of righteousness, fairness, and justice.  Each gift to Leo Baeck Temple reflects that tradition – whether it is a gift of resources, time, or talent.