We Stand with Israel

We pray for the safety and healing of Israel’s citizens.
We mourn with the families of those murdered in this horrific invasion.
We extend our solidarity to the citizens of Israel as they suffer from this heinous attack, no less than we do in their fight to preserve their democracy.
We join our hearts with Jews and others around the world in praying that the restoration of calm can be achieved with as little destruction of life as possible.

Ways to Support Israel

If you wish to support Israeli relief efforts through a monetary donation,  we have provided suggestions for one American-based campaign (Federation), one Israeli-based global humanitarian organization bringing its expertise home to Israel during this crisis (IsraAID), and one local Israeli organization on the ground (Brothers and Sisters for Israel) from which to choose, though there are many wonderful organizations doing important and invaluable work. 
Jewish Federation  LA Emergency Fund
The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles has set up an emergency fund, through which your entire contribution will be directed where it is needed most in Israel.

New Israel Fund (NIF)
The New Israel Fund (NIF)'s aim is to advance liberal democracy, including freedom of speech and minority rights, and to fight the inequality, injustice and extremism that diminish Israel.


We are partnering with local & civil society organizations to coordinate humanitarian efforts, providing psychosocial support & urgent aid to vulnerable communities, evacuees & their families.
Rabbis for Human Rights
Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) is an Israeli organization, active in three main areas – work within and about the Occupied Territories; work to promote social and economic justice within Israel; and activities in the fields of education and interreligious dialogue.
Brothers and Sisters for Israel
We are the largest civilian aid organization in Israel, providing crucial assistance to both civilians and soldiers in coordination with the Israeli military.

Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)
Securing civil rights for a just and egalitarian Israel based on Israeli law and Jewish tradition.
IRAC is our collective Jewish identity in action in Israel.


If you would like to watch Rabbi Chasen lead the beautiful rendition of his composition, "We Remember," along with our very own Cantor Sara Hass, among other clergy leaders, click here or below. To watch the full service, click here.