Todd Bloomfield, Temple President

Todd Bloomfield has been a proud member of Leo Baeck Temple since 2003.  He and his wife Tammy originally came to Leo Baeck Temple for the Early Childhood Center for their daughter, Samantha and their son, Robert.  The family quickly connected with the community and joined shortly after.
Todd and Tammy began their involvement in Leo Baeck Temple leadership when they became room parents together for both Samantha and Robert's religious school classes.  His next step in connecting at Leo Baeck Temple was volunteering in leadership of the annual Purim carnival.  One of Todd's favorite things to do at Leo Baeck Temple has been to serve as greeter for High Holy Day services.  He adds: "What could be better than to stand at the door and welcome so many friends coming to be together at temple."
Todd served on the Heroes and Angels committee for many years working as part of the team producing our annual gala fundraising event.  He also took the lead role in organizing the Baeck Book bringing people together in small communities while raising additional funds for LBT. You can also often find him around campus with a camera capturing the many joyous moments shared among members.  He explains that being able to look at pictures of the past links the community together and brings us into the future.
Todd was invited to join our Board of Trustees in 2013, and then joined the Executive Committee in 2015, serving as Vice President of Membership, and then becoming Financial Secretary.  He also serves on the LBT Finance Committee.
When not volunteering at LBT, Todd practices personal injury law in Encino, fighting for justice for those injured by the negligence of others, to help make our community safer.  When not working, his passion is sailing with his family and friends, as well as enjoying playing paddle tennis with Tammy,  racquetball with Robert, and making music with Samantha.